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2019 Bloodhound Calendars

Bloodhound Calendars: Although sad in appearance with their wrinkly foreheads, the Bloodhound is an affectionate, sweet and gentle giant whose nose cannot be matched by any other breed. They are black and tan, liver, red or tan, and are covered in loose, wrinkly skin. Bloodhounds received their name due to the fact that they have such pure blood, meaning their breeding standards were untainted. This pure record is largely due to church dignitaries who took care of the breed and were determined to keep it unpolluted. Their noses are unlike anything else in that Bloodhounds, or the Chien de Saint Hubert, can track any scent even two weeks after it being fresh. Their long ears help to waft scent into their noses as they sniff the ground, and the scent travels up their nostrils into a membranous structure which is estimated to hold as much as 250 million scent (olfactory) receptors - 40 times that of a human! The Bloodhound is a powerful dog that is larger than the other hounds and can take up more space than most dogs. Their skin is thin to the touch and extremely loose. Bloodhounds are powerful, yet graceful. The Bloodhound is good with children and other animals with their gentle, loving nature. Bloodhound Calendars.

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2019 Bloodhound Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Bloodhound Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99