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2019 Miniature Pinscher Calendars

These Miniature Pinscher Calendars, also know as the Min Pin, feature this well-balanced, sturdy, compact little dog that is short-coupled and smooth-coated. They have short smooth fur that comes in colors of black, blue, red or chocolate. They have short naturally erect or drop ears, and most are often cropped, as is the tail docked. They resemble tiny Doberman Pinschers, although entirely unrelated. Min Pins are dogs who are proud, vigorous and alert. They have a lot of spirit and pizzazz; a bundle of energy. They are fun loving extroverts who are great in the show ring or make clever companions. Miniature Pinschers do well as a house dog who are at their best being the family watchdog. They have a bark that won't quit when they suspect danger is near, and they are always looking out for their family. Miniature Pinschers are not small Dobermans, but they sure can act like them. They are protective, robust and confident in nature. Affectionate and loving with their owners, their owners are their main protective priority. These little dogs are usually wary with strangers, and aggressive with other dogs. Vibrant, vivacious and perky, they are always on the go for the person or family who wants to go with them. Miniature Pinscher Calendars.

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2019 Miniature Pinscher Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Miniature Pinscher Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99

Miniature Pinscher