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2019 Newfoundland Calendars

These Newfoundland Calendars feature this exceptionally patient dog who fits into any type of household. The Newfoundland is a large and beautiful breed who rarely has a bad temper, unless provoked. Known for their love and ability to swim, Newfoundlands have been known to rescue drowning victims and have been used for this purpose in the past. Newfoundlands are also known to be very good with children, younger and older alike. They also get along well with other pets, making them ideal for a family environment. One would never know from a personality description that this gentle breed is actually quite large. They are big dogs with a lot of thick fur, which is oily and water resistant. They have webbed paws, like some other water breeds, making them great swimmers. They come in colors of black, gray, or black and white. Newfies, as they are often affectionately referred to, are a giant, peaceful breed. As with any giant breed their owner will require vigilance in their raising and caring for the Newfoundland, in return they will give their complete devotion and constant protection. Newfoundland Calendars make great gifts.

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2019 Newfoundland Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Newfoundland Calendar
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Newfoundland Calendar WC